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Heavenwards Rosary

All prayers of Heavenwards were written by Father J. Kentenich during his time in the Dachau concentration camp in Germany between 1942-1945.
The prayers of the Luminous Mysteries are an adaptation done by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, USA, for the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother for College Students, ©2017.


Preparatory Prayer:
Father, help us close the gates of our senses
and let bright light stream into our souls.
Lead us deeply into the warm radiance of faith

and into the mystery of redemption.


We want to quietly accompany the Redeemer
as we contemplate his life in the Rosary,
united with his strong Mother-Bride

whom he has chosen as his helpmate.

Give us the grace to grasp with our hearts

the message of each mystery
as we hear it in the Rosary

and to form our lives accordingly.  

Let us immerse ourselves into the ocean of love
which the Rosary allows us to drink in richly,
and let the glowing love of Christ and his Mother
enkindle our weak sacrificial spirit.


Then our lives will soon become a mirror
of Christ’s being and living here on earth.
In him we will go through the world with
  strength and kindness
as an image of Mary bringing blessings to all.


Then you may always use us as instruments
in your omnipotent, loving and mighty hands,
and form through us, in accordance with your plan,
the face of humanity today.  Amen.
(I believe in God…)
Mother, in your life we see
the vibrant flames of faith, hope and love.
Let this majestic triple star
shine through the dark night of our lives.
   Implore for us from the Father with your Son
   that God alone reign on the throne of our hearts.
(Our Father…3 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Joyful Mysteries

The First Joyful Mystery - The Annunciation
Mother, you speak your Fiat without hesitation
and are allowed to bear the Savior beneath your heart.
As deaconess you silently prepare the sacrificial gift
according to the Father’s will.
   Draw us deeply into your mission;
   let us be the Redeemer’s deacon.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Second Joyful Mystery - The Visitation
We see you, Mother, hastening with the Savior
to stay with Elizabeth and serve her.
She rejoices and is filled with the Holy Spirit,
and feels her child sanctified in her womb.
   Let us, too, devote our strength and time
   in quiet service to the work of salvation.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Third Joyful Mystery - The Birth of Jesus
In Bethlehem in a poor and little stable
you give birth to the Lord of the world for us all.
Just as you showed him to the shepherds and the magi
and humbly bowed before him in adoration,
   let us always be his loving instruments
   and carry him deeply into human hearts.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Fourth Joyful Mystery - The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Filled with longing for our salvation, you
  present in the Temple
the One you conceived of the Holy Spirit.
Your motherly gaze is turned to us
as you return him unconditionally and entirely to the Father.
   Like you, the great servant of the sacrifice,
   I give everything I hold most dear for the
   salvation of souls.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding in the Temple
The Lord permits you to suffer in Jerusalem
in order to prepare you for still greater sacrifices.
He must handle you with such firmness
so that you can one day stand beneath the cross.
   We will remain still when God wants to form us
   as instruments for the redemption of the world.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The First Sorrowful Mystery - The Agony in the Garden
Mother, out of love and for the world’s salvation
you gave the Savior his body and life.
In the garden his inner anguish causes him to sweat blood,
but nothing can break his readiness to suffer.
   I, too, place all the bitter suffering of my soul
   ever at your disposal for the capital of grace.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Second Sorrowful Mystery - The Scourging at the Pillar
You allow the Savior to stand at the pillar
and atone for the offenses of our sensuality.
Your motherly heart trembles with each blow;
for us you bear with him each burst of pain.
   With both of you I offer myself to the Father
   as a sacrifice of justice for our times.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Third Sorrowful Mystery - The Crowning with Thorns
Our Lord permits the executioners
to crown his divine head with thorns and to mockingly scorn him.
Your Fiat was a yes to this as well,
because by this suffering he atoned for our arrogance.
   With joy and in apostolic spirit
   I offer with you my will as an instrument to Christ.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery - Jesus Carries the Cross
Your Fiat lets the Lord carry the cross
which our dread of sacrifice has placed on him.
Without bitter complaint he carries it to the place of sacrifice,
urged on by redeeming love.
   I silently want to help him carry the cross,
   even when my feelings rise in revolt.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery - The Crucifixion
I see the Redeemer of the world hanging on the cross,
urged thus far by the ardent longing of his love.
You relinquish your motherly rights and freely offer him up
that we might receive our salvation and light.
   Great and holy bearer of the sacrifice,
   lead me to the eternal High Priest.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Glorious Mysteries

The First Glorious Mystery - The Resurrection
The Lord breaks the powerful bonds of death
and crushes Satan’s power and cunning.
Rejoicing, you see him transfigured and beautiful,
as we will one day rise in heaven.
   Let this faith gladden my soul
   and make my love burn brightly.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Second Glorious Mystery - The Ascension
The Lord has ascended into heaven,
leaving behind those who hope for his coming.
Your heart and eyes are filled with longing,
but you rejoice in the happiness of your Son.
   May my longing always be directed to heaven
   that my heart become as great and wide as yours.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Third Glorious Mystery - The Descent of the Holy Spirit
In the midst of the apostles you powerfully implore
the coming of the promised Spirit,
who transforms weak men and women
and directs the Church on the road to victory.
   Open our souls for the Spirit of God,
   that he may change the course of the world.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Fourth Glorious Mystery - The Assumption
Just as you accompanied Our Lord in this life
and lived and loved and suffered with him,
so, at the completion of your life,
he takes you body and soul into heaven.
   With my whole heart I share in your happiness
   and pray that the world may enjoy a similar fate.
(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)
The Fifth Glorious Mystery - The Coronation
You reign now in heaven as Queen
and dwell in bliss with the Triune God.
With your Son you govern the world:
He has chosen you to be its Mother.
   We longingly lift our hearts and hands and voices:
   Lead us safely into the eternal Schoenstatt Land.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

Luminous Mysteries

The First Luminous Mystery - The Baptism in the Jordan
Though he was divine, Christ made himself small
and humble, allowing himself to be baptized in
the Jordan. Christ shows us his redemptive solidarity
with us. Mother, your son makes himself one of us,
sharing his lot with us, yet transforming it. In our
humble simplicity we want to always seek to please
our Father in heaven.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Second Luminous Mystery - The Wedding at Cana
They ran out of wine and nothing can hold back your
motherly concern. Your son listens to you and
obeys you in a childlike way, in order to bring
back joy and faith into our hearts. We ask that Mary
may always intercede for us with her son,
transforming our smallness into the best of wines.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Third Luminous Mystery - The Proclamation of the Kingdom
“This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at
hand. Repent and believe in the gospel” (Mk 1:15).
Mother, with these words your son calls us to
become God’s instruments here on earth.
May Schoenstatt always become fruitful in building the
kingdom of love, the kingdom of your son, here on earth.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Fourth Luminous Mystery - The Transfiguration on Mount Tabor
Your shrine radiates into our times the brilliance and
splendor of Tabor’s sun. Where Christ, the Sun,
reveals his glory and makes known his victory as once
he did on Tabor.
It is good to be there, as in Paradise, because it as
the Holy Spirit’s dwelling.
Mother, grant to us strength and faithfulness that
through our witness the person of Christ may shine forth in us, too.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

The Fifth Luminous Mystery - The Institution of the Eucharist
As the greatest of all miracles of love, bread and wine
are transformed into the life and being of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May our hearts and lives be transformed, too,
into clear images of Christ and Mary.
Heavenly Father, you give your son to us as the lamb
who feeds us, that we may have life to the full.

(Our Father…10 Hail Marys…Glory Be…)

Conclusion (at the end of the rosary)
Father, through the sacred mysteries of redemption
grant that we may stand in grace before you.
Let Schoenstatt flourish as a garden of God
which touches the widest circles of the Church
 throughout the world,
   a garden tended by our Mother Thrice Admirable
   as the sunlit meadow of the Triune God.